Oil field services (OFS) is a term that can come off as somewhat vague. It also happens to be a bit on the nose. As the term would imply, an oil field service company is one that provides services to the oil & gas industry. But what types of services are included in this industry work?

Oil field services include drilling, formation evaluation, the construction of wells, and completion services. While straightforward, there has already been a variety of major decisions made including but not limited to moving forward with well development.

The industry has seen a massive amount of growth because of greater demand for oil & gas around the world. As such, oil prices are surging. Also, unrest due to conflict in Europe means that OFS are anticipated to see major growth in response. However, the same global disarray has caused a major disruption of the oil & gas industry. This has caused both public outcry AND a need to rethink policy with foreign partners.

There has also been a bright light cast on the environmental impact of oil & gas as part of a greater ‘green initiative’ that has in & of itself become a major political talking point. Luckily, more OFS companies have chosen to allocate resources to help address these concerns. The integration of technology has been a major shift in oil field services over the years, leading to greater efficiency & productivity, not to mention reducing their carbon footprint.

Oil field service are also expensive. Keep in mind that every step taken by an oil field services company takes considerable amounts of time. Furthermore, there is a significant financial investment, the likes of which can sometimes be devastating should there be a dry hole situation. Even plugging what will be an abandoned well takes considerable resources.

Another major consideration for many, if not all, OFS companies has to do with the navigating major shocks to the industry. The global health crisis of the last few years is just one example of how not planning for potential derailment of the industry can prove costly, especially in an industry with a business model that relies on sales as “a job well done”.

All of this is to say that to try & sum up all of what oil field services entails would be a near-impossible task. As such, it is important to not form a concrete opinion of said services without insight into its day-to-day operations. These include, but aren’t limited to:


It is important to know that there are a lot of companies that provide oil field services, and they range in size of operation. When trying to find the right company with whom to work, It is important to find a company that is:

  • defined only by providing quality work
  • gladly utilizes state-of-the-art technology while also valuing the importance of worker experience in the field
  • understands that there is no room for cutting corners at any point during the job

The oil field services company should also have a proven track record. Here at CCI Culberson Engineering & Construction, we’re well-versed in all areas of the oil & gas industry and have a slew of satisfied clients across the country. Call us today & see the difference.