Getting electrical work in a commercial or residential setting takes more than just a little knowhow. It takes the dedicated work of an established, reputable, and well-respected electrical contractor. Their job is to be able to come onto a job site, get the lay of the land, assess the problem(s), and put together a plan of action as to the best possible solution. More importantly, said solution has to be able to work as a standalone fix as well as correspond to the rest of the surrounding systems. After all, regardless if this is a home or business, efficiency in functionality is the name of the game.

When It’s Time To Ask Questions

But as much as one trusts the skill of an electrical contractor, it’s also one’s own ignorance about electrical work that make it tough to simply sit back & watch without wanting to ask questions. At the same time, though, asking questions feels a bit like getting in the way, so one wonders if there is a happy medium. The answer is simple — yes. More importantly, asking questions of an electrical contractor is not only welcome, it is paramount to ensuring that all of the work that is to be done on the premises is actually getting done.

Some of these question to be asked are as follows:

What types of warranties come with this work?

With any work being done on a job site, it’s important to find out if the person doing the work, as well as the company they’re representing, stands behind the materials & workmanship. The last thing anyone wants is for shoddy work or parts to derail a major operation, even if it’s a home’s day-to-day humdrum goings on, only for the home or business owner to be told they’re on their own.

Are you insured & protected?

Electrical contractors are dealing with electricity, which is implicitly dangerous & deadly. Contractors need to maintain at least liability insurance, but should at least look toward bodily injury, personal property damage coverage, and worker’s comp insurance as well.

Are you licensed & can you show me this license?

There is a laundry list of individual & business licenses that can be obtained by electricians, starting from Apprentice Electrician through to Electrical Contractor. It’s important to know what kind of license someone has prior to them starting work on a project.

How many years of experience do you have?

Though it goes without saying, even when licenses say someone can do the work, making sure the work is done well always means getting experience in the mix. Nothing contends with an electrical contractor who’s got years of experience under their belt.

In terms of the last big question to ask an electrical contractor, it really comes down to how they go about scheduling the work on a project. There really is just one good answer — it gets scheduled around the schedule of the client/customer. Yes, it’s important for their own projects & schedules to run smoothly, but at the end of the day, the best electrical contractors work around their client’s availability.

An electrical contractor does more than just tinker with wires. CCI Culberson showcases the breadth of what an all-encompassing construction company can be.