When a major earthworks project breaks ground, one can bet that numerous conversations have taken place regarding the materials to be used. From top to bottom, though the type of project will dictate the types of materials used, it is highly likely that HDPE pipeline will be laid in the ground.

HDPE pipe is most recognizable because of its black appearance. However, it can come in other colors. The black color is due to the addition of carbon black being added to make the material UV light resistant. Also, the various colors are used to denote what type of application the pipe is being used for (e.g., potable water versus sewer applications). This color coding is helpful for proper storage & retrieval of materials, as well as safety on the job site.


High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe has become the bread and butter of many major earthworks firms. It can be used in a variety of projects within numerous industries & across a multitude of terrains. Such versatility is quite striking to some, given that the term ‘polyethylene’ pertains to, in essence, a type of plastic. The notion that a really well-made plastic pipe can handle all manner of construction-grade impacts is equal parts eye-opening & curiosity-inducing.

Nonetheless, HDPE has become a standard material for a number of years and for good reason: 

HDPE Over More Traditional Pipe Materials – By its nature, HDPE is able to be resistant to corrosion. It is a strong, durable, lightweight option that is has proven to be quite long-lasting.

Proactive Environmental Remediation Efforts – HDPE pipe, by way of the way it is made, is solid and reliable as a material, thereby leading to no leaks. Because of the aforementioned resistance to corrosion, there is a far greater reduction in the risk of any leaching of materials into the soil or nearby water supplies.

Useful In Projects Across Multiple Climates – Few things can be tougher on a company than having to handle a plethora of materials for occasional use at best. With HDPE, earthworks firms can actually work with clients in different regions as the material can handle both high & low temperatures without physical degradation.

The Right Material for the Job

It must be noted that laying HDPE pipeline for a project should never be thought of as an only option. Any earthworks firm offering their services with only HDPE pipe is not taking into account variations that exists between projects. More importantly, said firm is not taking into account what will be the best option for the client with respect to their needs now and in the future.

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