A simple online search for an electrical contractor will bring up close to a half billion results. Unfortunately, this massive number doesn’t do much in the way of getting the specific electrical needs your facility must address. There are important questions to be asked. Issues like proper credentials, insurance, and versatility in electrical work done by prospective contractors should be addressed.

But are there things that electrical contractors wish prospective clients knew & understood? It turns out that electrical contractors show some level of frustration with clients. The reason? They don’t have even a cursory knowledge of their work.

Major talking points include:

Residential Electrical Work is Not the Same

Residential electricians embark upon some serious work day in & day out. However, the scope of this work does not compare to the work done by contractors working with large-scale lighting & power distribution systems.

Commercial versus Industrial Electrical Work

Once again, knowing the difference between an electrician versus an electrical contractor is key when contemplating the unique feature sets of commercial and industrial settings. Industrial facilities often need major upgrades to electrical infrastructure that require a very broad knowledge that is beyond the scope of a standard electrician.

It’s All in the Details

Lay out the specific requisites of a proposed project. Electrical contractors want to ensure they do a stellar job every time. The one thing that can hamper this goal is to have a poorly-outlined project. The scope of the project demands that contractors be onboarded ASAP as it allows details to be worked out.


The amount of safety protocols put in place by electrical contractor will be substantial for one reason: the work they do is extremely dangerous. However, not all contractors operate in the same way. It is imperative for clients to do their homework to find the contractor that makes safety a number-one priority. Many times, clients choose to work with a contractor based solely on a lower proposed cost for a project. It’s important to realize that the lower cost is often a result of the easing of some safety protocols. This should never be an area of compromise.

Finally, an honest electrical contractor will tell you that few things can be of benefit to a client than experience. This isn’t to say that the proverbial ‘new kid on the block’ doesn’t have the same credentials as a more established counterpart. The key difference has to do with the amount of changes in the industry the experienced contractor has seen and interacted with. 

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